Future projects

Blood Diamond Music:
Headboggle - Modular Demo (C40)
Wasps - OBST (C20)
Knox Mitchell - Beast Intrusion Reissue (C40)
Jefferson Bible (C40)
Justin Marc Lloyd / Team Phosphenes Pt 2 (C20)
Heliacal Shimmer - Hexed Night (CDr)
Thomas Swinehart - Spooks In Orbit (CDr)
Skullorian (CDr)
Gas Mask Horse (CDr & Book)
Carl Kruger & Blue Spectrum Collab TBA

Other Labels:
Marc Spore / Team Phosphenes Pt 3 (floppy kick)
Robert Ridley Shackleton / Team Phosphenes Pt 1 (C20, Rainbow Bridge)
Zebra Mu / The First Side Last / Robert Ridley Shackleton (Hissing Frames)
Simon Wilson / Michele Mazzani (Sound and art collaboration, Lonktaar / Blue Spectrum Tapes)
Zebra Mu & The Blue Spectrum - Antiloop (C1 & Bizcard. Blue Spectrum Tapes)
Thousand Year Frog & Blue Spectrum (Sound and art Collab TBA)

Savant Tard Records:
Team Electrics - Third Rail Acrobat (CDr)
The Phosphenes - Outgrown Every Phase Possible (CDr)
Simon Wilson - A Smile Full Of Incisors (Cass)
Simon Wilson - Sticky Wicky: The Tale Of A Glue Sniffer (Cass)

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