Disemboweled Tape Guts - Oxide Corrosion (C11, Edition of 4)
The Blue Spectrum (C20, Edition of 4)
Venomous Plants (C20, Edition of 4)
Underwater Corpse - Lost In Swirling Debris (C90, Edition of 3)
Urn Collection - Flight Of Angels (C20, Unreleased)
Blue Spectrum Artzine Issue #1 (8 pages, Edition of 5)

Blue Spectrum - I Don't Exist (C40, Edition of 4)
Blue Spectrum - Dissect It Yourself (Anti-Tape, Edition of 5)
Blue Spectrum - Cold Weather Payment (C40, Edition of 1)
Blue Spectrum - Live At Lifford Reservoir (C40, Edition of 4)
Blue Spectrum Artzine Issue #2 (8 pages, Edition of 6)

Blue Spectrum - Hostile Environments (C15, Edition of 6)
Blue Spectrum - Wind and Rain Will Wash Everything Away (C10 Artzine, Edition of 5)
Blue Spectrum - Beginnings 2006-2008 (CDr, Edition of 4)
Blue Spectrum - I Don't Exist b/w Cold Weather Payment (C90, Edition of 1 for Knox Mitchell)
Blue Spectrum - Witch Fucker (C60, Edition of 2 & Master)
The Bloodletters (C32 & Artzine, Edition of 20, Green Records And Tapes)
Blue Spectrum - Untitled (C15, Edition of 4)
Blue Spectrum - Creepy Oats (C60, Edition of 4)
Blue Spectrum - Plays Child of Tree (CDr, Art Edition of 4, Edition of 1 for Posset)
Zebra Mu & The Blue Spectrum - Huff Paint (3" CDr, Edition of 8 with painting)
Blue Spectrum - Lifford b/w CWP (C90 Editon of 2 for TYF & David Mellor, Edition of 1 for Zebra Mu)
Robes Of Teal - Kiss My Arsenal (3" CDr, Edition of 2, hand drawn covers)
No Artist - Untitled (C30 Edition of 3)
Lidless Eye - Depletion Serum (C30, Edition of 7)
Blue Spectrum Artzine Issue #3 (8 pages, Edition of 7)
VA - Compilation for Kapali Carsi (CDr, Edition of 1)
Team Electrics - Five Thousand Wild Volts (CDr, Edition of 10)
Zebra Mu / Kapali Carsi - Split (CDr, Edition of 25)
Team Electrics - Touched By Hands Of Liquid Gas (CDr with 4pg artzine, edition of 4)
Team Electrics - Electrical Fire On A Metal Staircase (CDr. Editon of 4)
VA - Compilation for RedSK (CDR OOP tracks, Edition of 1)
Fossils / Blue Spectrum - Split (CDr Inyrdisk, edition of 100)
GarbleTronix / The Blue Spectrum / Team Electrix - Split (2xCDr, Tape & Book, Edition of 15)
Robert Ridley-Shackleton - A Small Eclipse At The End Of My Finger (CDr, Edition of 20)
VA - Xmas miX tXpe (CDr, Edition of 5 w/ Handmade Greetings Card)
Blue Spectrum / Zebra Mu - Bronze Pigeon (C30, edition of 17)
Team Electrics - Channeling Hate (Mini Album Pt 1 never completed)
Team Electrics - Aural Lacerations (Mini Album Pt 2, edition of 5)
Blue Spectrum - Improv With Tin Can & Blade (MP3, click here to download)

The Spaghetti Junction Ensemble - Demos 2013 (CDr Smell The Stench)
The Phosphenes - S/T (C90, edition of 5)
Lidless Eye - Vile Mutations (CDr, Edition of 20)
Justin Marc Lloyd - Tragik Karpet (CDr, Edition of 20)
Simon Wilson - Blue Spectrum Tapes Poster (A3, Edition of 9)
The Phosphenes / Acerbitas - Split (C90, Standard edition of 5, Special edition of 1 with painting)
The Phosphenes - S/T II (C90, Edition of 5)
The Bloodletters - Skeleton Chained (C30 Green Records And Tapes, Edition of 18)
VA - Feeding On The Faceless (C60 comp Green Records And Tapes, Edition of 30)
The Phosphenes - For Ben (CDr, Edition of 1 Witch Fucker reissue, diff track order)
The Spaghetti Junction Ensemble - Demo #5 (CDr, Edition of 10)
The Phosphenes - I+II (2xC90 boxset, edition of 2)
The Garbage Pail Kids - Demo (Bizcard / CDr Sculpture)
Lidless Eye - Dedication Of Family (4xCDr set, Edition of 10)
Light Collapse / Blue Spectrum / The End Of Empire - Split (CDr, edition of 20)
STRUP - Shelter (CDr, Edition of 18)
Team Elextriks - Gift Of Silence (CDr Edition of 1)
Robes Of Teal (CDr reissue, edition of 5)
The Phosphenes / Monuments - Split (CDr Edition of 21)
The Phosphenes / L4H - Split (CDr Edition of 6 with painted covers)
The Phosphenes - Untitled (Abstract Painting & CDr edition of 3)
The Phosphenes / Murder Cult - Split (C20 Kiks & GFR, Edition of 16)
The Blue Spectrum - Classics For Dreaming And Painting (C90 comp, 8EMINIS, 8EM013)
The Spaghetti Junction Ensemble -  Demo #3, #4 (CDrs Quagga Curious Sounds)
Simon David Wilson - Running From Myself (Spool, edition of 1)
Codeine Phosphenes (Bizcard & Artbook edition of 5, Reissued without Artbook)
Blue Spectrum Artzine #4 (CDr & Artbook, Edition of 50)
Orphanage Rats - For The Dead Infested (CDr, Edition of 20)
The Bloodletters - Night Vessel (CDr, Edition of 20)
Knox Mitchell - Shrieking In Stereo (CDr, Edition of 20)
The Phosphenes / Vehscle split (CDr, Edition of 20)
Carl Kruger - Lazy Metal (CDr, Edition of 20)
The Blue Spectrum - Last Worlds (C90, edition of 6)
V/A - Heavy Kissin' (CDr, Hissing Frames, Edition of 40)
The Blue Spectrum - Trash Sculpture Desert Skull (CDr, Savant Tard Records)

The Phosphenes - The Phosphenes (Drawing and collage in glass frame with CDr, Edition of 1)
The Phosphenes - Brock (Collage on Canvas & CDr, Edition of 1)
Blue Spectrum - Live Phosphenes aka Never Again (CDr, Edition of 4)
Zebra Mu & the Blue Spectrum - Huff Paint (CDr Reissue, Blood Diamond Music)


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